WellBenders Directional Services HSE / QM, Management System is helping us realize the safety & quality aspects of our mission and values. The Management System is an integral and essential part of the way we conduct our business, and is considered an equal part of the wider system for the management of our business. Our Management System is based on the International Oil & Gas Producers model, which has many similarities to ISO and OSHA standards.

The system is designed to establish an international standard for the way we manage, practice, and monitor our HSE / QM programs; and bring our safety programs under one, Company-wide umbrella

Our Goals

Through effective HSE / QM Management, we work toward ensuring that we protect our employees, be the preferred contractor for customers and, lower our worker compensation costs.


Our Management System helps us achieve these goals by providing the framework and processes to examine the risks to our employees, the public, our property, and the environment in which we operate and determine what actions we need to take to control these risks.
Our HSE / QM Management System is comprised of seven interrelated elements with underlying expectations:

  1. Management Organization and Responsibility
  2. Personnel Training Requirements and Safety
  3. Records of Services
  4. Equipment Calibrations
  5. Written Procedures
  6. Purchasing Controls
  7. Audits and Program Changes

WellBenders Directional Services must communicate these expectations to all employees, customers and third parties associated with our business.

Our Promise

Our promise to our employees, customers and the wider public is that we will strive for continuous improvement in every area of our Health, Safety, Environment and Services Quality efforts. This means continuous improvement of our standards, systems, programs, performance, leadership, employees’ awareness, knowledge, commitment, and involvement.

HSE / QM Policy Statement


WellBenders Directional Services policy is to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, quality with equipment, services and systems of work for all our employees, and to provide such information, training and supervision as they need for this purpose. We also accept our responsibility for the health and safety of other people who may be affected by our activities.

Our policy will be kept up to date, particularly as the business changes in nature and size. As assurance the policy and the way in which it has operated will be reviewed on a regular basis. We are committed to

  1. Protect the health, safety and security of our employees at all times;
  2. Eliminate HSE accidents and Quality non-conformance;
  3. Meet customer requirements and ensure continuous customer satisfaction;
  4. Set HSE / QM performance objectives, measure results, strive for continually improvement and minimize our impact on the environment;
  5. Plan for, respond to and recover from any emergency, crisis and business disruption;
  6. Apply our technical skills to all HSE and Quality Management aspects in the design and engineering of our services;
  7. Communicate openly and ensure an understanding of our HSE/QM policies, standards, performance and programs;

The WellBenders Directional Services HSE and Quality Management System defines the principles by which we conduct our operations worldwide with regards to health, safety the environment and our commitment to Services Quality.

Management communicates the HSE/QM philosophy to all employees, customers, contractors, and third parties associated with our business; This Policy shall be regularly reviewed to ensure ongoing suitability.