We realize you have a choice of where to choose your Directional Drilling Services and Surveying Tools, customer service quality can play a large role in your decision. That’s why every WellBenders Directional Services employee is committed to Quality Management.

  • We commit to open communication that is professional and efficient.
  • We commit to fulfill your requirements promptly including quick answers to all of your questions related to your requirements.
  • We commit to always treat you with fairness and respect regardless of the situation.
  • We commit that someone will always be reachable by phone and/or email that can access your account information and answer any specific questions.
  • We commit the highest level of service in the industry and the overall best customer experience from beginning to end.
  • We commit to handle any misunderstandings or disputes helpfully with the same positive attitude and punctuality as when your request for services or inquiry was placed.

Our goal is to not only focus on quoting and service. We focus on the entire customer experience from beginning to end and everything in between. WellBenders Directional Services always welcomes customer feedback and suggestions on how we can improve our service quality to provide you with the best experience possible.