Wellbender’s 150°C MWD System

The low-maintenance Pilot MWD System is designed for simplicity of operation and assembly, and convenient transportation. Built to perform in difficult drilling environments, the Pilot MWD System can operate in temperatures up to 150° C and pressures up to 20,000 psi. The positive-pulse retrievable and reseatable tool accommodates a number of probe configurations, ensuring top performance in a variety of flow ranges in collar sizes from 3½ O.D. to 12″ O.D. This modularity, combined with the Pilot MWD System’s rugged and retrievable design, minimizes rig downtime and reduces financial risk.

Pilot MWD System Specifications
Sensor ±0.1° Inclination (0° – 180°)
±1.0° Azimuth (0° – 360°)
±1.0° Toolface (0° – 360°)
Pressure 20,000 psi
Operating Temperature -25°C to 150°C / -13°F to 302°F
Flow Switch Accelerometer
Pulse Positive Pulse / 2 bits/sec with SDT Compression
Pulse Size Adjustable
Lithium Battery 21 – 26 V.D.C./Different battery configurations available
200 – 400 operating hours depending on configuration
Tool length 24 feet minimum, 27 feet with Gamma
Shock 1000g 0.5 mSec
Flow Rates 100 to 1200 USGPM (dependent on BHA configuration)
Vibratration 25 G RMS, 0.5 Disp D.A
Drill Collar Size 3½”, 4¾”, 6½”, 8″, 9½”, 12″
Probe O.D. 1.88″
LCM 40-50 ppb Medium Nut Plug

Wellbender’s 175°C MWD System

Wellbenders Directional Module incorporates the latest advancements in downhole electronics design. This exciting product optimizes power and utilizes the Ulti-pak board-mounting method.

Wellbenders 175°C
Physical Specifications
Length: 29.25′
Diameter: 1.375"
Compatible with gamma modules
Quartz flexure accelerometers
Universal Chassis, Legacy compatible
Electrical Specifications
Surface-mount electronics packaging with ulti-pak board mounting
Operating Voltage Range: 10V-30V
Current @ 26V: 100mA Max, 10mA Idle
Calibration coefficients downloaded directly into module memory
Sensor power management trough firmware
Power Usage: 0.25W Idle, 3W Peak
Advanced Features
Operational time and environment recorded in internal memory
Shock and Vibration pulsed to surface in real time
On-board Rotation Detection
RPM pulsed to surface in real time
Addition of new Rotation Sequence
Advanced internal Logging
Mechanical and Environmental Specifications
Parameter Minimum Maximum Units
Outside Diameter*   1.37 Inches
Length*   29.25 Feet
Operating Temperature 0/32 175/347 °C/°F
Survival Temperature -40/-40 185/365 °C/°F
Vibration, Random (limited by acceleraometers)   20 g RMS 15/500 HZ
Shock (limited by acceleraometers)   1000 g, .05 mSec, half sine
*dimensions do not incluede running gear, centralizers, or axial shock absorbers
Instrument Accuracy Specifications
Parameter Minimum Units  
Inclination accuracy, absolute ±0.10 Degrees  
Inclination spread on axial rotation at 90° Inc <0.20 Degrees  
Azimuth accuracy, absolute, 10° through 90° <1.0 Degrees  
Azimuth spread axial rotation, 10° through 90° Inc <1.0 Degrees  
Tool Face accuracy, Axial rotation 10° through 90° Inc ±1.0 Degrees  
Total g Field accuracy, absolute ±3.0 mG  
Total H Field accuracy, absolute ±0.30 mgauss  
RPM Measurement, 2 – 200 RPM ±3.0 % of value  

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