WellBenders mud motors are extremely versatile, robust, and built for purpose. Our motors are rugged and reliable, and can be tailored for any application and or environment.

WellBenders uses power section configurations that allow for additional torque and horsepower when needed and delivers more reliable results in harsh drilling conditions. Our power sections range from low speed/high torque to high speed/low torque with standard rubber, hard rubber, and even walled.

WellBenders bent housings can be adjusted from 0°-3° or a variety of fixed housings are available, dependent on the applications and customer requirements. WellBenders motors utilize a mud lubricated bearing design, allowing for extended runs with fewer failures in hostile drilling conditions.directional-2 These bearing housings can be run slick or stabilized, as required per the well profile.

The transmission is a rugged two-jaw design that is capable of withstanding the high torque, delivered from hard rubber power sections.

WellBenders also offers short bit to bend motors which allows the operator to run a less aggressive bend, allowing us to land the curve and drill ahead in the lateral section of the well with the same assembly.


Customized Services

Wellbenders has the ability to custom tailor our service to our particular customers needs. Ranging from full directional jobs with 4 hands on location to our unmanned operation, we work with our customers to achieve the greatest efficiency while providing a cost effective service.