WellBenders Downhole MWD tools provide superior performance at extreme temperatures and vibration, delivering reliability and telemetry of downhole measurements. A self-contained Shock and Vibration Monitor provides downhole recording as well as real-time telemetered shock and vibration data to help avoid costly downhole equipment failures.

The pulser assembly is a critical component of the MWD system. It functions reliable for long periods and in harsh conditions. Conventional systems use solenoids, which are inefficient, generate excessive heat, have a weak push-pull force, are prone to failure, and are time consuming and costly to service. WellBenders uses a powerful, high torque stepper motor that is rugged enough to stand up to the harsh and demanding conditions that are found downhole.

Combining the latest in signaling processing, noise cancellation techniques, the Mud Pulse Receiver System provides its customers with the most advanced, dependable and cost effective solution for drilling high ROP drilling, and drilling with PDC bits or agitators.

Wellbenders has access to industry leading specialized tools to meet and exceed our customers growing needs for drilling in new and challenging conditions.