WellBenders Directional Services released the WellVision MWD product line in July of 2018. WellVision is providing critical downhole data to engineering teams that have historically relied upon the bare necessities from traditional MWD systems. 

▪Real-Time Inclination landed a recent WellBenders lateral within 2’ of GYRO at TD

▪ Dynamic Sequencing (rotate vs. slide mode) and downlinking capability for downhole versatility and specific hole conditions

▪ Real-Time Stick Slip Indication with 11 Shock and Vibe variables backed by 32MB of memory for post-run analysis

▪ Peak and Average S&V recorded to memory for lifetime health history…a key factor attributing to WellVision’s increasing MTBF

▪ High Resolution Rig Floor Interface with 6 Shock&Vibe alarms and Real-Time Inclination & Azimuth updates

▪ .25 Pulse Width with Dual Transducer capability for faster transmission times


Please Contact Us to schedule a full demo of what WellVision can do.