WellBenders Directional Services LLC is an independently owned and operated service company with our corporate office in Conroe, TX with repair facilities in Midland, TX and remote facilities in Oklahoma City, OK. We do all of our repairs and maintenance in house to ensure quality and prompt turnaround.

Our vast experience in the oil and gas industry allows WellBenders to have a great understanding and appreciation of quick-time answers and solutions for your specific drilling needs. WellBenders is dedicated to serving you with the best and most efficient services in a safe manner while adhering to strict HSE policies.

MWD Services

We specialize in the utilization of MWD and LWD technology to obtain all necessary geometric data, while causing minimal delay to actual drilling operations.

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Directional Services

WellBenders mud motors are extremely versatile, robust, and built for purpose. Our motors are rugged and reliable, and can be tailored for any application and or environment.

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Well Planning and Engineering

WellBenders directional well planning/ engineering team operates using the absolute best in the business in terms of application systems and personnel.

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About Us

WellBenders has been in business since the beginning of 2006. Members of our team have started and developed drilling programs all over the world.

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WellBenders is always looking for driven professionals.

We are a demanding company that has a tightly knit family environment.